Alex Lacson receives Family Values Award

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints presented the 2014 Family Values Award (FVA) to Atty. Alexander Lacson and the Philippine Navy in recognition of their advocacies and projects that advance standards and values that strengthen the Filipino family.

Now on its 9th year, the FVA was held November 20 in an intimate ceremony at EDSA Shangri-la.   The Family Values Award is presented annually to community leaders or institutions in Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa and the United States.  It generally seeks for non-LDS community leaders and organizations striving to advance standards that are consistent with the Church’s position on the family.

The award was presented by Elder Ian S. Ardern, Philippines Area President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Co-presenting the award to Atty. Lacson were Atty. Pip and Wilma Cua, National Couple President of the Christian Family Movement (CFM).

Vice-Admiral Jesus Millan, Flag Officer in Command of the Philippine Navy received the award on behalf of the sailors and marines.  Rear Admiral Cesar Taccad introduced and outlined the many initiatives and projects of the Navy geared in strengthening the families of their personnel on the ranks.

Atty. Alexander Lacson is best known as the author of “12 Little Things Every Filipino Can Do To Help Our Country” which struck a nerve in the hearts of many Filipinos due to its patriotic stance and appeal for love of country.   He also founded the Kabayanihan Foundation which seeks to promote and encourage Filipinos to do small acts of patriotism.

He believes in the importance and sanctity of the family and is passionate in wanting to strengthen his own family and his bigger family – the nation. He is a firm believer in the inherent goodness of the Filipinos and in their ability to better the society. He also believes that the youth is a great group of people who could impact change and help shape the nation when they have been taught good values. Ultimately, he believes in following God in whatever we do.

In accepting the award, Atty. Lacson said, “Filipinos are the kindest people on earth.”   He also highlighted the potential of a Filipino family to provide a brighter future for the generations to come if they are anchored on righteous values.  He recognized the role of his wife, parents, parents-in-law and his associates in helping him achieve and reach his goals, and shared the award with them.

The Philippine Navy was chosen not only for fulfilling their duty as Guardians of the Philippine Sea for over 109 years but also for their efforts to uphold and sustain the importance of families. They organize and hold activities such as Pre-Cana seminars for mass wedding candidates.

They also hold mass weddings to ensure that their men are legally and lawfully married to their spouses.  They regularly organize spiritual talks wherein they discuss the values of individual and family prayer. These activities were organized to help enhance family relationships and promote values to strengthen homes.

Vice Admiral Jesus C. Millan, Flag Officer in Command of the Philippine Navy, mentioned in his acceptance speech that “men can perform well and succeed when their families are taken care of.”

“A strong family creates a strong nation. When men and women of goodwill work together great results will be achieved,” he added.  Rear Admiral Caesar C. Taccad from the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) co-presented the award to the institution.

Elder Ian S. Ardern concluded the evening with a message on families and the need to preserve its sanctity- a work to be done by each one through our own influence.  He also quoted the Proclamation on the Family:

THE FAMILY is ordained of God. Marriage between man and woman is essential to His eternal plan. Children are entitled to birth within the bonds of matrimony, and to be reared by a father and a mother who honor marital vows with complete fidelity. Happiness in family life is most likely to be achieved when founded upon the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ. Successful marriages and families are established and maintained on principles of faith, prayer, repentance, forgiveness, respect, love, compassion, work, and wholesome recreational activities.–philippine-navy-receive-family-values-award